Our company started nearly a decade ago with the idea of designing and making traditional Mexican furniture to honor our ancestors. Making this type of furniture allows us to go back to a past full of glory, history and memories of our grandparents and great grandparents. We also have experience in any type of wooden furniture for the home or business regardless of the design style.

Each one of our projects begins at the heart of the furniture, knowing thoroughly all kinds of wood that can be found in our Mexican forests as well as the ones that reach our ports from all over the world. Each timber has very special properties and some are considered as jewelry because of its characteristics. Among those that we handle is pine, oak, ash, beech, cherry, alder, oak, mesquite spring, sabino, mahogany, cedar, etc. With our help, your furniture will fulfill the functions and space for which it was designed. The wood is life and, as such, it changes according to the temperature or humidity in the environment.

In Saints, we are prepared and ready to meet your needs or those of your customers with quality Mexican furniture. We can also budget without compromise. Just remember our slogan: Any furniture, any design and style, any wood and any finish.




Contact us at saintsfurniture@gmail.com